Friday, July 23, 2004

My Cousin Meera

This happened last year. I have a cousin of mine whose name is Meera. Well she is not so attractive by face but as far as her body is concerned she has got a killing body. She is little fat but I like plump girls. I never thought of having sex with her and never even fantasized about her. It was she who gave me one of the most wonderful experience of my life. It started like this. Once I was all alone in the house. I was sitting on internet enjoying a sex. The door bell rang. I opened the door. It was Meera there. She asked about my mom. I told her that no body was at home. But she said that she would like to stay. I said OK and asked her to have a seat. I offered her a cold drink and then I came back to my room and turned off the computer. Then I went back to the living room and started chatting with her.
After some time she said that she wanted to ask me some thing. I said ,sure go ahead. At first she was hesitating. I asked that whether some thing was wrong. She said that NO every thing is fine. Then I asked her that what she wanted to ask. After hesitating for a while she said “do you know thing about sex”. That question rang a bell in my mind that some thing clever was going on in her mind. I said YES, I know a lot about sex, what do u want to know. She said that I want to know every thing. At first I started telling her about kissing and then slowly I moved further. She seemed to be enjoying it as she was listening to with great attention. Then I started telling her that how a man sucks the breasts and lick the vagina of a female and hoe a female sucks the penis of a man. She said that I don’t believe that a female sucks the penis of a man. I said, what if I give you a proof . She said OK. I had a XXX movie with me.
I went in to the room turned on the Video player. Then I called her to the room. Before playing it I told her she will watch the movie with relaxed mind and she will enjoy it. She said OK. I turned it on and now she was watching it. She was deeply involved in that movie and was watching all that sucking and licking carefully. When in the movie the man started to fuck the girl I told her that it is great pleasure for the female. Soon my cock was hardening. I started to rub my hands on her neck and she was enjoying it. Then I told her to remove her clothes. At first she refused but then agreed. I was getting too exited. I started to kiss her back hungrily. I laid her down on the bed and started kissing her lips and then rest of her lovely body. I was rubbing hard on her inner thighs. Then I removed her bra. Her boobs were heavenly. I started kissing them and sucking them hardly. She was just lying there quietly.
Then I asked her to remove her under wear but she said that I can’t .I said Ok and kept on sucking on her boobs. My cock was as hard and hot like a heated iron rod. I removed my pants and my cock sprang out. She was looking at it excitedly. She took it in her hand and started rubbing it. It was a great feeling. Then I moved my hand in to her underwear and started rubbing her cunt which was already hot as fire. Soon she removed her under wear her self and started licking her hot and sweet cunt like hungry dog. She was enjoying it as much I was enjoying her sweet cunt. Now she moaning loudly. Then she said Rajesh, please do it to me. I pointed my rod at her cunt and said “ are you ready”. She said YES and I slowly moved it in to her sweet hole. And then slowly I started to move faster.
She was moaning loudly AAAAHHH………UUHHHH…….. and me too. After some time I took my cock out and asked her to suck it. She was not ready to do it but when I forced her she took it in her mouth. Soon she started enjoying it and was sucking it more hardly. Now I was about to cum. I took my dick out of her mouth and soon I was throwing white jets in the air. She was very excited at that scene. Now I laid on her. We both were breathing heavily. I asked her , “how was that”. She said GREAT and thanked me. Then we took bath together during which we also made also made love many times.
After that day we became very good friends. We loved each other very much and had sex many times.

Me & my Bhabhi

Hi. My name is Adit & I am 19 years old. Mine is a true experience which I will recount now. It was 2 years back. I was born at Naroda near Ahemedabad. I completed my Schooling there & passed with real good scores in my Xth class. Then with consent of my parents I decided to come down to Bombay for my college studies. I already had my elder brother staying at Bombay since about a year.
My brother is a Production Engineer & had landed a very good job in a MNC & had shifted in a posh flat given by the company itself. After a few months of we two staying together, we were joined by third one. My brother got married & brought my 'Bhabhi" to stay with us. She was 23 years old. They been to honeymoon for 1 week & returned to their daily routine. Everything was fine till then. My relationship with my Bhabhi was very friendly. She would do all the work at home & I would often help her at work at home. At that time I started to have a crush on her. My brother had to work in 15 days shifts of day & night each. It all started after around a month & half of their marriage.
I liked her company very much & many times during our conversation I would get an erection. I think she noticed that a few times. I would many a times try to peep in her personal activities. I don't know whether she had caught me or not, but one fine day during our breakfast she asked me "How is my figure Adit ?" I replied "Hmm.. its good. Why ?" She said "Nothing". I got an indication but was still reluctant to make an advance. The same night when my brother had gone to his work, she called me in her room. She said "Lets chat sometime before going to sleep" I agreed. We talked about my college & my friends & my girl friends. After about half hour she went to change to her night gown & I was lying on the bed watching TV After about a few minutes she came from the bathroom in her regular gown. I noticed that she was not wearing a bra & I could see her beautiful boobs hanging as heavenly bodies.
I immediately had an erection. She came to me & lay besides me. We watched tv for some time without talking anything & after a few minutes I got up to go to my bed. I said "Good night Bhabhi". She smiled at me but had a peculiar look on her face. As I neared the door, she called on me & said "Adit, I don't mind if you sleep here in my room if you feel very hot in your room". The only AC we had was in her room. I was puzzled & got nervous & told her I had some studies to do & avoided that night. I could read the disappointment on her face & that made me 100 % sure of her intentions. That night I did not sleep well & masturbated twice. I made up my mind that I should not lose this opportunity& would soon make a strike. Well it was the very next day itself. After a regular days college I returned at night after seeing a movie with my some friends. My brother had already left for work.
Bhabhi served me the dinner sat just beside me while I was having my food. I could see the cut through her blouse & again I had an erection. I decided today is the day & asked her "Today its very hot bhabhi. Do you mind if I sleep in your room". She promptly said yes & I could read the eroctic lines in her expression. At about 10.30 pm, I entered her bedroom. She was there laying in her gown & looking very sexy. I went besides her lay on my tummy looking at her & the tv alternatively. We talked about the movie & something here & there. I had an erection right throughout the conversation but was very nervous to make an advance. I was still a virgin . I decided to just lay asleep& let things go the way it want. Bhabhi turned of the lights & tv after sometime. Only a dim light was on.
After about 15 to 20 minutes, when I was pretending to be asleep, I suddenly felt the best feeling of my life. I was sleeping sideways facing her Bhabhi laid one of her hands right between my thighs just touching my prick. I got an instant erection & she noticed the bulge. She lay the hands for a few seconds. I then moved my penis a little closer to her hand & positioned such that her whole hand covered my prick. The very next second she completely held my prick & started to fondle with it. She moved closer to me & now her beautiful breasts were very near my hands. She put her hands in my pyjamas after opening the buttons & I was already very wet. She suddenly stood up & looked at me & smiled. She helped me remove my clothes & there I was lying completely naked in front of a such beautiful women gazing at my 9 & a half inch prick. She was sitted besides me. I then stood up & lifted her gown & removes it completely.
There they stood. The most beautiful boobs hanging there with tight & erected nipples waiting for me to suck them. She was still wearing the panties. She immediately stood up & removed them too. I still get an erection anytime of the day when I remember her removing the panties and standing nude in front of me. I was sitting on the edge of the bed. She came closer to me & sat down on the floor in front of me. I immediately figured out the next move & came still closer to the edge of the bed to assist her. The next moment I was in heaven. She held my penis & started licking it at the tip. Slowly she started to take it completely in her mouth & after some time I was moaning high as it was full 9 & half inch in. She continued it for a few minutes. She also licked & played with my balls.
Then when I was about to cum I tried to take it out of her mouth, but she insisted it on taking in her mouth. And in next few seconds I cummed& a big load of cum shot right in her mouth. She took it all in her mouth. Some dripped out of her mouth on to her chest & some she swallowed. She moaned too. Then she laid on the bed & spread her legs. I went on top of her & started to kiss her lips heavily. I came lower & kissed her nipples & she moaned. I sucked her hard beautiful nipples heavily. I lowered more & licked her shapely tummy. She spread her legs. My hand instinctively went on her cunt & started exploring it. She moaned again. I kissed her cunt & it smelled so good I could hardly take my mouth of it. My fingers went into her cunt & I could feel her clit waiting to be felt. At that moment she moaned heavily & said yes yes yes. I then lowered my tongue spreading her cunt with my fingers & started licking her clit. I slowly increased my intensity & pushed my tongue hard against her clit & she started moaning heavily.
My other hand started to explore her ass. She had got a beautiful tight ass which I think had been unexplored. My fingers started to find its way in her ass & she again said yes yes. I continued to lick her clit for some time often pressing her boobs. After a few minutes she cummed& I saw the cum oozing out of her cunt & dripping out. She asked me to take it in. I did so & it tasted very good. She laid with her eyes closed for a few moments & then got up to go to the bathroom. She held my hand & pulled me into the bathroom. We stood under the shower kissing each other heavily. After a few minutes I again had an erection. She told me not to fuck because since I was a virgin we should not overdo. She promised for the next day. I simply pressed myself against her ass & after a few minutes she held my penis in her hand & started jerking often playing with my balls. I cummed again she drank my cum again.
We went out of shower changed the bed sheet & lay naked in the bed for a few minutes. Then I said her good night & went to my room. She smiled at me & told me thanks for all. I smiled & returned her the thanks & said "Tomorrow, I want to lose my virginity" to which she promised. I the morning I woke up after the most beautiful night I have ever had. The next night was even more beautiful & since then we have had very good times together even during the day.

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